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Expressing with Tattoos

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Some individuals describe tattoos as basic skin drawings while others consider them as unnecessary mutilating of the skin for no explanation. Be that as it may, most folks regard a tattoo as an expression of one’s self. To some, it denotes something greater than an expression of the soul, an unforgettable trip and life encounter. [...]

Express Yourself with Tattoos

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Express yourself in the hippest way with body tattoos! Tattooing is probably one f the most typical way of expressing one’s self. The art of tattooing has been applied since the olden days. The purpose of tattoos varies from body decoration, protection to self expression. Different tattoos have different meanings for people. Religious tattoos such [...]

The Tattoo Expression

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Some people define tattoos as simple skin drawings while others think of them as unnecessary action of mutilating the skin for no reason. However, most people consider a tattoo as an art expression, an expression of one’s preference. To some, it means more than a soul expression, an unforgettable journey and a living experience. When [...]

Animal Tattoos

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Tattoos can represent anything in the world and can also be abstract. There are many kinds of tattoo designs. Quite common are the animal tattoos. Most people make a tattoo of their favorite animal. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the symbolism of an animal tattoo since it is permanent. If you don’t [...]

Girly Tattoos

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Girly tattoos are simply tattoos that make girls feel more feminine and allow them to express themselves in a manner that they deem fit. These tattoos showcase the female personal like nothing else and can be reflected in just about any design imaginable. Be proud of being a girl and reveal your attractive and seductive [...]

Choosing Japanese Tattoo Designs

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Japanese tattoos are so full of symbolism. Some of the most popular designs are the Suikoden warriors, Kannon and dragons. The Suikoden warriors are e108 rebels that carry tattoos.  Kannons are the Bodhisattva of Mahayana Buddhism. Dragons are the last motif of Japanese tattoos. In Japan, dragons are considered as luck. This may be justified [...]

Chinese Tattoo Symbols

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If you are thinking of getting a Chinese tattoo, then it is necessary that you understand some things about the translation of the symbols since that is where most people go wrong. Chinese tattoos are one of the most meaningful and beautiful tattoos around. Most Westerners could not understand or read written Chinese, so when [...]

Interesting Japanese Tattoos

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Japanese tattoos are filled with symbolism. Some of the common designs include suikoden warriors and dragons and kannon. The Suikoden warriors are 108 rebels carrying some tattoos. The Kannon is a Bodhisattva of Mahayana Buddhism. The last motif of Japanese tattoos is the dragons. Dragons in Japan are regarded as luck. This could be justified [...]

Great Cartoon Tattoo Designs

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Cartoon character tattoos are playful and delightful. The most common kinds of cartoon tattoo designs are of course Disney characters. Women in particular are drawn to these tattoos since they symbolize the playfulness and youthfulness of each and every woman. These tattoos have been popular ever since they first came out in the lat part [...]

What a Heart Tattoo Symbolizes

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A heart tattoo can symbolize hundreds of thousands of things. In religion, the design is often a symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It means devotion to Him and the heart symbolizes His love for all. Other symbolism of heart tattoos are courage, true love and compassion. Heart tattoos are often shown as representation [...]

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