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Fun Cartoon Tattoos

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Carton tattoos are playful and fun. The most common types of cartoon tattoos are Disney characters. Women love these tattoo designs. It represents youthfulness and the playful personality of every woman. Cartoon tattoos have been popular from the moment they first appeared in the early 20’s. Since them, women have embraced them. The evolution of [...]

Symbolism of Heart Tattoos

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Heart tattoos can symbolize thousands of things. In a religious sense, this tattoo design is often the symbol of the Sacred Heart. It means devotion to the Divine Heart of Jesus and the heart represents His love for mankind. Other meanings of heart tattoos can be compassion, true love and courage. These tattoo designs are [...]

Pretty Flower Tattoos

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Women simply love flower tattoos for their first body art. Although the design looks beautiful and very feminine, there is much symbolism about flower tattoos. Every indigenous flower has its symbolic characteristics. Next to the rose tattoo designs, the Iris ranks second as the highly symbolized flower design. In Christianity, the triple petals of the [...]

The Meaning of Dragon Tattoos

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Dragons are popular mythological creatures. They come from various legends. There are two different dragons you commonly see, the Eastern and Western dragons. The eastern dragons are benevolent creatures that protect life, good fortune and fertility. The western dragons tend to be evil beings that guard treasures and destroy villages. As a tattoo, it is [...]

Beautiful Flower Tattoos

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Women highly value flower tattoos as their first body art. While they may be feminine looking and beautiful, there is much symbolism about it. Each indigenous flower has its own symbolic characteristics. Next to the rose tattoo, the iris is the second highly symbolized flower tattoo design. The triple petals of the Iris flower symbolize [...]

Tattooing Procedures

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Tattooing involves injecting on or more pigments to the dermis of the skin and the connective tissue layers just below the epidermis. These days, tattooing uses an electronic tattooing machine. Besides making the procedure simpler, the tattooing machine also increases the ease of the task. The machine has needles soldered onto a bar and the [...]

Choosing your Tattoo

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Choosing your tattoo is not as simple as it may seem. There are a lot of considerations when getting a tattoo since it will remain with you probably for the rest of your life. When you choose your tattoo, make sure that it is what you want and not something that a colleague, friend or [...]

Procedures in Tattooing

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Tattooing mainly involves injecting one or more pigments to the dermis and the layer of connective tissues just below the epidermis. Nowadays, the procedure in tattooing comprises the use of an electric tattooing machine. Aside from making the procedure simpler, the machine also increase the ease of tattooing. The machine has a group of needles [...]

Find a Tattoo for You

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Finding the right tattoo it not as simple as you might think. There are many things to consider when getting a tattoo because this will accompany you for the rest of your life. When choosing your tattoo, make certain that it is what you really want and not what a friend, colleague or family wants. [...]

Why Tattoos are Fascinating

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One of the fascinations of tattoos is why many people want to have one tattooed on their bodies. Known to be only for criminals, slaves and camp inmates in the past, they are now very popular. Tattoo culture has dark and mysterious sides. Americans are long fascinated by tattoos. During the 80s, a Tattoo and [...]

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