Tattoos have become a great craze these days. Having a tattoo could cause several risks. You will need to consider carefully before deciding to secure a tattoo. The advantage of a tattoo is that it gives your personality a complete makeover or expressing oneself. Doesn’t matter whether if it is big or small tattoos.  It is  a matter of choice as to what tattoo you want on yourself.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of having a permanent tattoo.

Benefits have permanent tattoos

1. Tattoos can express personal, artistic or meaningful messages for the owner of the body.
2. There are certain satisfaction if you have something different to anyone else.
3. Tattoos can be a characteristic of a person.

Disadvantages have a permanent tattoo

1.The pain we feel when making a tattoo.
2. The high cost of making a tattoo.
3. Tattoo is permanent and cannot be removed easily, if you want to erase it, it does not always work 100 percent and the price is very expensive.
4. After years, the color can fade or appear fault lines of the drawing.
5. Fashion and trends always changes, you could have a trendy tattoo now, and be quite ancient the next few years.
6. Maybe the tattoo will look attractive at the age of 20, but it would be a strange thing after the age of 50.
7. There is risk of infection from each tattoo, such as from non-sterile needles or ink that contain dangerous substances.

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