Tattoos can represent anything in the world and can also be abstract. There are many kinds of tattoo designs. Quite common are the animal tattoos. Most people make a tattoo of their favorite animal. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the symbolism of an animal tattoo since it is permanent. If you don’t like it, you will likely regret it forever.

A very popular animal tattoo is the wolf. In some cultures, a wolf is a negative symbol but in some a positive one. A wolf tattoo may represent the person’s personality who prefers staying alone and does not mind what others think of him or her. Tiger tattoos are another great choice. It symbolizes royalty, power, fearlessness, strength and dominance. The horse tattoo symbolizes intelligence.  A dark horse symbolizes a rebellious nature while a white one symbolizes purity. In general, women sport white horse tattoos and sometimes add horns and wings to it and turn them into unicorns.

Dog tattoos are mostly seen on policemen and firemen who lost their Dalmatians or German Shepherds on call duty. Dog tattoos often represent a beloved dog that does not live anymore. A phoenix tattoo symbolizes victory and rebirth. The eagle tattoo is the national bird of the US. It represents freedom but also the sun or Zeus. Most people tattoo this bird to symbolize their victory.

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