Henna is a flowering plant that people have used for a long time to dye hair, skin, fingernails, wool and leather. The past years saw the popularity of henna tattoos among teenagers and young kids. Kids love to adorn their bodies with henna dye during fairs, birthdays and carnivals. Nevertheless, many people are apprehensive whether a henna tattoo is safe for children.

An article points out that henna as a temporary tattoo can trigger allergic reactions especially to young kids. Black henna, otherwise known as praphenylenediamine is sometimes added to enrich the color of the tattoo and people could be prone to an allergic reaction to the darkening agent. The reaction to henna can result to skin blisters and scarring. Allergic reactions vary from person to person. Some say that early exposure to an allergic reaction could increase the risk of allergy and sensitivity later on in life. Nevertheless, others believe that early exposure could actually protect kids from allergies when they grow up.

Parents should be the ones to determine and decide to allow their children to use henna tattoos as body adornment. Although these are temporary markings, children respond to the skin reaction very differently. It would be best to determine if the child can best handle having a henna tattoo so as not to cause problems later on.

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