Henna tattoos are terrific to get the look of a tattoo without its permanency. Henna has been used for years and years by many people from various groups, societies and religions for different occasions and celebrations from birthdays, weddings to victorious battles. In today’s world, it is best to ensure that what you put in your body is safe without side effects. The key is to use authentic natural henna instead of using black henna which has chemicals and added dyes.

Natural henna has very mild effects that are rare in occurrence. Henna tattoos are generally safe except for a very slim chance of allergic reaction to the ingredient in the paste. The carmine, silver nitrate, chromium and orange dye found in some henna could cause allergies and chronic inflammatory reactions. However, these chemicals are not found in genuine, natural henna.

Typical natural henna ingredients include sugar, powder, lemon juice and essential oils like tea tree or pine. There are no adverse effects with a genuine henna product. Henna tattoos are becoming extremely popular among teens, adults and even children. If you want to use henna tattoos, make sure to use only the authentic and natural henna. Enjoy your henna tattoo today that lasts for several weeks.

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