If you are thinking of getting a Chinese tattoo, then it is necessary that you understand some things about the translation of the symbols since that is where most people go wrong. Chinese tattoos are one of the most meaningful and beautiful tattoos around. Most Westerners could not understand or read written Chinese, so when choosing a Chinese tattoo one should be careful.

For the last decade, Chinese tattoos have a popularity explosion. This could be seen in college campuses, celebrity pictures and almost anywhere. Aside from their beauty, the reason why these tattoos remain to be popular is due to the fact that they are clean and simple. One of the most popular tattoo symbols is the Kanji. The Chinese Kanji tattoos are often seen to express specific emotions like peace, love and friendship. Another great tattoo is the Yin and yang, which means perfect balance. Ying is dark, female and earthly while Yang is airy, light and male. The lotus flower is also a symbol of balance and also means purity and perfection.

One of the most striking Chinese tattoos is the dragon. It is known as a symbol of mystery and power. Bamboo symbolizes strength, resilience and longevity. What makes Chinese tattoos perfect is due to their simplicity and variety and convey strong feelings with small symbols.

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