Cool tattoos depend on how a person looks at it. Some people consider fierce and dark design tattoos as cool while others consider witty and humorous tattoos to be cool. Cool tattoos are those that you rarely see.

For girls, there are many tattoo designs that are considered cool. One of the coolest tattoos for girls is those tattoos on the lower back. Lower back tattoos are sexy and make a girl look stunning. A lower back tattoo is a great style statement on women, especially when wearing low waist jeans. Tattoos such as stars, butterflies, flowers, fairies and angels make up for cool tattoos.

Star design tattoos are cool and one of the simplest designs you can get. They are beautiful and could highlight a certain area in your body. One of the popular areas in the body to have tattoo stars is the hips or have them lined down on each side of your stomach. Dragons are great tattoo designs for women since they symbolize power and wisdom. Flower tattoos are cool when it comes to highlighting a certain part in your body or combine them by adding some other features. You can choose from several flower designs and colors. One of the coolest flower tattoos these days is the cherry blossom tattoo.

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