Tattoos abound these days. Men and women now have tattoos inked on their bodies as a form of art and self-expression. A tattoo is a reflection of yourself so when it comes to designs, you should choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and your personality. Aside from the design, you should also consider which part of your body you want your tattoo inked.

Before you proceed, there are several things to take into consideration. One is the pain factor where you have to determine which part of your body would hurt the most. Some body areas where there is a great possibility of great pain are the spine, chest and abdomen for men and spine, ankle and ribcage for women. The least painful areas include the arm, back and buttocks for men and the abdomen, thigh, shoulder and buttocks for women.

Choosing a tattoo should be careful and thorough since they last forever and getting them removed is very expensive. The more you plan on the design and placement, the more you will get to enjoy your tattoo later on. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you like the tattoo design you choose. Choose wisely and consider which part of your body you want your tattoo inked.

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