Tattoos are very popular nowadays. People from all walks of life have tattoos inked on the different parts of their bodies. Tattoos are a person’s way of self-expression and a form of art. Unfortunately, while there are many good things that come with tattoos, there are also disadvantages of having a tattoo inked on your body.

Tattoos are permanent, therefore you could not get rid of it even if you like to. In later years, the colors will fade and become ugly and dull to look at. Some people will look down on someone with a tattoo since some of the negativity towards a tattoo has not improved even these days. There are also some people who are allergic to the tattoo ink and some say that if you have a tattoo, it can cause problems when you get an MRI due to possible reactions. Removing a tattoo is costly and leaves an ugly scar.

Tattoos become misshapen if you gain or lose weight. Some companies do not hire people with tattoos so it would be difficult for you to get employment. Tattoos can also affect personal relationships particularly if you have a tattoo with the name of the person you have a relationship to in the past still inked on your body. A tattoo can negatively affect your health with complications like allergic reactions, chronic diseases such as hepatitis and serious infections. Keep in mind that your interests, career goals and relationship change throughout life, so make sure to get a tattoo in a place that can be covered easily or in some hidden parts of your body.

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