The deepness of a tattoo makes it long lasting. A tattoo is also considered as a wound and the same as other slice, scrape, pierce or cut on the skin, it is at risk of infections and diseases. Avoid having a tattoo if you are prone to getting keroid.

Tattooing means injections underneath the skin an viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C could be transferred to your body if precautions and sterilization are not done. Furthermore, it is also very expensive to remove a tattoo. Depending on the design and size of your tattoo, removing it could cost a significant amount of money, which is more expensive than the tattoo itself.

There are also side effects to a laser tattoo removal. The area where the tattoo is could be infected, scarred and prone to hyper-pigmentation causing the area to grow darker than your normal skin tone or hypo-pigmentation, which makes the area lighter than your skin color. In later year, the colors of your tattoo could become dull and ugly.  Moreover, your tattoo could be misshapen if you either lose or gain weight. Despite the popularity of tattoos, there are still some people who look down on those with tattoos and some companies will not hire an applicant with a tattoo. If you want a tattoo inked on your body, make certain that it is in a place that can be easily covered or in a hidden part of your body.

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