Express yourself in the hippest way with body tattoos! Tattooing is probably one f the most typical way of expressing one’s self. The art of tattooing has been applied since the olden days. The purpose of tattoos varies from body decoration, protection to self expression. Different tattoos have different meanings for people. Religious tattoos such as the Celtic cross, birds, praying hands and  holy emblems are just some of the few widely used by people these days.

Permanent tattoos differ depending on religious affiliation, tradition, gender and personal taste. Sun tattoos together with other forms may have religious symbolism depending on what the person wearing it believes. Others prefers symbols that represent something about their ideology while some may choose to have phrases and words written in olden text with meaning that go beyond body decoration.

Some tattoos possess a more complicated and deeper meaning. There are other tattoo designs that are meant to bring good tidings, drive away evil spirits or something that has significance with the family history and culture of the wearer. Irish tattoos like the Iris cross, four-leaf clovers, shamrock are related with good fortune and luck while tribal ones could be a traditional thing. Dolphin tattoos, which are another all-time favorite, could be identified as a Celtic design that portrays balance and harmony.

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