To many women, femininity is vital and one of the most desired traits, thus choosing feminine tattoos can be a long process. Elegance and beauty run deep in feminine tattoos. May women prefer flowers, hearts, butterflies and birds to express their infatuation and fertility. Feminine tattoos are usually light and soft and with dark contrasts and vivid lines.

Feminine tattoos have a lot of designs to make a woman feel sexy and feminine. These tattoos are artistic depiction of both firmness and delicacy that goes together with getting a piece of body art. Whatever female tattoo you choose, it will always symbolize your feminine personality and express emotion that emits grace and power. Feminine tattoos prove that even girly girls could sport a tattoo.

Some of the popular feminine tattoos include flower and vine tattoos, heart tattoos, star tattoos, dragon tattoos, fairy tattoos, angel tattoos, sun and moon tattoos, princess crown tattoos, anchor tattoos for girls, Italian tattoos for girls, Yin Yang tattoo designs and more. There are plenty of feminine tattoo designs you can find on the internet, magazines and even books about tattoos.

Flower tattoos are always popular among female tattoo fans. Heart tattoos are cute and can be placed on any parts of the body. Dragon tattoos are unique feminine tattoos. Consider having them on your rib cage or arms. Star tattoos are best if you want small feminine tattoos. Some star tattoos include shooting stars, Star of David and Nautical tattoos.

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