Flower tattoos has always been one of the most favorite designs ever since. They are becoming more and more popular these days particularly among women. Flowers have their unique meanings and it is good to choose a flower tattoo that has a meaning behind it. One of the greatest attractions of flower tattoos is that they do not age and will probably remain popular in twenty or thirty years more.

Some women prefer a flower tattoo on the anklebone or around the navel. Flower design tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. A rose tattoo signifies eternal beauty and love, but a black one entangled with barbed wire could have a darker meaning. Hawaiian flower tattoos are worn by women and even men, such as a flowery orchid or a yellow Hibiscus. The lotus flower design tattoo is very popular among women and its history goes back a long way. It is considered by the Buddhist and Hindu traditions as a symbol of waking to a spiritual reality.

The daisy tattoo design stands for purity and colorful daisies symbolizes attractiveness. Lily tattoos have different meanings. The Calla lily represents maiden humility, water lily means pureness and clarity of heart. Many people also use daisy flower tattoos because they represent several meanings like falseness, hope or unreturned love. With so many flower tattoo designs and their deep meanings, it is important to choose a flower design with meanings that represents your personality.

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