A tattoo is a body marking made through inserting indelible ink to the dermis of the skin for decorative purposes. Putting tattoos on bodies has been practiced for centuries across the world. A tattoo also represents a type of passage, symbols of spiritual and religious devotion, decorations that convey bravery, sexual lures, punishment, and pledges of love, talismans, amulets, protection and marks of convicts, slaves and outcasts.

The impact and symbolism of tattoos differ by culture and place. A tattoo may also convey a persons’ feeling about a relative or another person. Nowadays, a tattoo is very popular for cosmetic, religious, sentimental, memorial and symbolic purposes. Some people also prefer to have a tattoo with the initials or name of a beloved departed to serve as memorial.

In some places, a tattoo serves as protection from evil and increase good luck. Others believe that tattoos have magical attributes that help protect the bearers. Many tattoos are related to a person’s accomplishment in life or tribal rank.  For whatever reason, a tattoo is considered these days as cool and many people, both male and female are drawn to it. It is important that when considering a tattoo inked on your body that you should choose a design that best suits your personality and lifestyle.

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