One of the many questions about tattoos is how much would it cost. Tattoo prices depend on various elements. It is preferable to ask the tattoo artist to give you an estimate on the tattoo design you want. Some factors play a big role in the prices of tattoos.

Some factors include tattoo placement, the tattoo design, meaning that the more intricate the design is, the more expensive it will be. Colors also play a big role in the cost of tattoos. More colors needed, the more it will cost you. Another factor affecting the cost is the size. Bigger tattoos naturally cost more. If the tattoo is taken right off a flash, it will take less time for the tattoo artist to copy and tweak it than doing an original design. The time spent on drawing the tattoo design factor in to the cost for some tattoo artists.

The time to complete the design is another factor to consider. There are some tattoo artists that charge for every hour, thus depending on how long it takes, the price may increase. Furthermore, location also plays a role in tattoo prices and the tattoo artist as well. Tattoos may cost from $60 and above, depending on the factors stated.

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