Henna tattoos are great for celebrating many occasions throughout the world. Nevertheless, today they are used in regular life as well. They have become very popular since the boom of tattoos these days. You can opt for traditional henna tattoo designs or use your own style for a temporary body art.

When you apply henna tattoos, make sure to check out the skin first and make certain that it is free from makeup, lotion or oils that could hinder the henna from penetrating. If these products are present, wash the skin thoroughly using water and soap before you apply a henna tattoo. Mix the henna tube or cone by kneading the tube for a minute or two before using. You have to strain the mixture before you apply. Get your henna applicator ready. Many premixed henna paste tubes contain all the basic ingredients and all you have to do is unscrew the lid and pierce to the tube end.

Next, squeeze a small line to the skin or a paper to check its consistency and thickness. Draw the henna tattoo design on the skin using the tube. In case you make a mistake in the application, you can remove henna using a cotton ball and alcohol, buy you have to do it fast. Spray the tattoo with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar to keep moist. Keep in mind that henna tattoos are only absorbed by the skin when wet, thus it is necessary to keep it moist as long as possible. Allow the henna to flake off naturally or wait for five hours and remove with essential oil and cotton swab.

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