There are various rules about tattoos throughout the US. Some states leave regulations to counties and cities, making it a bit confusing. Tattoo laws were created for two major reasons. The first is that legislators who do not like tattoos will make use of their influence to make tattoos illegal or to put restrictions on them. The second is for health reasons.

Many states require tattoo artists to have a license and tattoo parlors impose safety practices at all times. Some locales have stricter rules regarding who can have a tattoo and what type of tattoo allowed. In some places, if you are below eighteen years of age, you are not allowed to have a tattoo, get a tattoo on certain parts of the body such as the face. Furthermore, if you are drunk, you will not be able to get a tattoo and hateful words or things are not allowed to be tattooed.

If you are friends with the tattoo artist, he or she might ignore the state laws. Nonetheless, do not forget that the tattoo artist is putting his or her license at stake and there is a possibility of a prosecution for it. Some tattoo shops and tattoo artists do not adhere to tattoo laws.

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