Undeniably, the most unique and jaw-dropping tattoos are those designed that people made themselves. If you want to make your own tattoo design, you should have basic talent and a lot of determination. Keep in mind that tattoo drawing can be a real challenge, whether for you or for somebody else. You must have all the equipment and tools necessary when drawing your tattoo design.

Begin with the shape or figure that you like and draw it on a piece of paper. Make a sketch with a pencil or pen. Try drawing and sketching as many designs as you can and check out different styles, do not worry on what the outcome will be. When you have a basic figure, refine your design and add definition and details. You may add textures, soft shading and other variations to your drawing. Try different colors as well and choose colors that you like and are appropriate for your tattoo. The colors you choose should compliment the complexion of your skin and the colors have to blend with each other naturally.

Transfer the design on a tracing paper. Before you create the final stencil, try to hold the sketch against your body to ensure that it is the correct size. Fill a technical pen with stencil fluid and trace your design on tracing paper let it dry thoroughly before you continue. Finally, you can bring your own design to your tattoo artist. A good artist will offer suggestions and ideas to make the tattoo designs even better.

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