If you’re new to the tattoo industry or world, you may wonder if what kind of tattoo design goes to you. More importantly, what your tattoo describes you. Choosing a tattoo design may be difficult because once it was imprinted to your body it is hard to remove it and it will be in it throughout your life.

Here are some brief idea and general meaning of some tattoo designs.

Tribal Tattoo : The most common design that represents primitive history and culture, and have their root in origin of places.

Animal Tattoo : Chosen for many reasons, it symbolize affinity and respect to animals.

Bird Tattoo : Generally portray the meaning of “Freedom”. Whether it is a swallow, crow, owl etc.

Cross Tattoo : Generally represents religious symbolism.

Eagle Tattoo : Most common bird tattoo and most popular tattoo design ever. It is a symbol of strong patriotism.

Face Tattoo : Most people imprint this design to remember their love ones, fantasy characters or their selves.

Flower Tattoo : It generally represents the nature element. And a common tattoo for women.

Sun Tattoo : Same as the tribal tattoo designs, Sun designs are rooted in the history and culture of many civilizations. Also represents rejuvenation and a giver of life.

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