The field of tattoos for women are growing tremendously. These days, tattoos are not only for beauty and showing off but are also a kind of body art. Tattoo designs for women are becoming more and more advanced and creative with plenty of designs to choose from. Tattoos have become a fashion trend particularly on women nowadays. They love to have symbols inked on their bodies as self-expressions and as a symbolism of their personalities.

Tattoo designs for women have several categories. The most popular design for women is butterfly tattoos with plenty of colors, shapes and sizes. This design has become very popular due to its inspiration for vision art. Tribal tattoos remain very popular with women to day as well as with men.

The oldest designs are the star and shooting star tattoos, which contain a very strong symbolic meaning and are universal. Flower tattoos are indeed very feminine and some of the most famous designs include daisies, roses, sunflowers and lilies. Women of all ages simply love the cute fairy tattoos. Many women love heart tattoos because they are symbols of both love and romance. The Crane tattoo is a symbol of longevity and justice, the Eagle tattoo represents strength of spirit and pride. A Hieroglyph tattoo usually means either force or fire while the Owl tattoo symbolizes wisdom. Other popular designs for women tattoos are the Celtic tattoos, Dolphin tattoos, Dragonflies tattoos and Zodiac tattoos.

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