Nowadays, you can see tattoos everywhere. Tattoos are more and more popular today. According to a research, one out of four people is wearing at least one tattoo. You can choose from so many tattoo designs, making you more creative. With hundreds and hundreds of tattoos, there are those that are considered to be the most popular designs. Here are ten of the most popular tattoo designs these days.

1. Tribal Tattoos- are the most requested tattoo design. They are intricate, attractive and provide rich choices for tattoo enthusiasts.

2. Cross Tattoos- not just popular among Goths but for people who want to express religion as well as for those who love the design. Some very popular cross tattoos include the Celtic cross, Iron Cross and Maltese cross.

3. Star and Nautical Star tattoos – look pleasing to the eye and they symbolize luck, guidance and fame. They also have striking symbols that celebrities even find hard to resist.

4. Wings Tattoos – are both magical and spiritual. Furthermore, they are associated with speed, elevation and freedom.

5. Angel tattoos – are religious symbols and winged spirits meant to deliver God’s words to mankind. They are very popular among all cultures in various forms.

6. Dragon tattoos – symbolize power and mystery. They are creatures feared and worshipped.

7.  Butterfly tattoos – are extremely popular among women. They represent beauty, happiness, metamorphosis, freedom and fragility. Women can relate to these beautiful tattoos.

8. Phoenix tattoos – are believed to express man’s hunger for immortality.

9. Fairy tattoos – are the most common choice for those who love magic. These tattoo designs are indeed popular since they symbolize power of flight and make wishes come true.

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