Skull tattoos are mysterious and reflect a daring and fierce nature. Most skull tattoos are done in different structures with alterations as to the shape and size to enhance its look. You might have noticed that skulls are all over now, from clothes, scarves and even on shoes. Nevertheless, skull tattoos are still not that accepted because people have the misconception that they represent death.

Actually, there are several meanings behind a skull tattoo and not all about death, fear or danger. A skull tattoo could represent someone who died by putting a name of the deceased beside it. Many people prefer this design in remembrance to a beloved departed. In history, the symbol of a skull tattoo is not about death but a change. The skull represents their past life and the bad attitudes they once have. For some, skull tattoos symbolizes conquering danger and death and means power and strength.

For many people wearing skull tattoos, it is a sort of protection and a symbol of their tough personality. Girls want cute skulls with pink and red colors. Some couples prefer the ‘his and hers’ skull tattoos and the girl have the good skull and the guy the bad skull. In general, it is really up to a person what he or she wants a skull tattoo for.

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