Before you decide to etch your significant other’s name on your skin, you have to consider the seriousness of such action because tattoos are permanent. Remember, getting a tattoo means even more commitment than getting married because you cannot divorce a tattoo! While you can cover it, it will still be there and serve as a constant reminder. If you use surgery to remove it, the scars will still be there.

Name tattoos are very popular. You can have your own name inked on any part in your body or someone else’s name. Many of those who choose name tattoos do so in honor or reverence to a certain person or want to express their love for someone. The most popular name tattoos include the name of a lover or spouse, child or relative. One of the most popular name tattoos is a heart with the word ‘Mom’ on it. People could have these name tattoos in big fonts or lettering styles that display proudly the name or a delicate and small script that are more personal.

You can have name tattoos written in various calligraphy styles or have it written in a different language. Most people get names or relationships tattooed in Chinese symbols or Japanese kanji to convey certain meanings. Some choose them inked in Hebrew or Arabic.

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