Women simply love flower tattoos for their first body art. Although the design looks beautiful and very feminine, there is much symbolism about flower tattoos. Every indigenous flower has its symbolic characteristics. Next to the rose tattoo designs, the Iris ranks second as the highly symbolized flower design. In Christianity, the triple petals of the Iris signify the Holy Trinity.  Furthermore, it’s blue and while color is associated with the Virgin Mary.

Noblewomen in Medieval England consider the Iris as the symbol of virtue and had an image of it incorporated into their personal seal. The Violet, Hyacinth and Narcisuss are names derived from Greek myth. Violet comes from the little nymph Lo that Zeus loved so much. Today, flower tattoo designs have many symbolisms and one should be aware of them so they can appreciate the design more.

Flower tattoos are not just popular among women since men also favor them. However, in men they are usually integrated in a tribal tattoo design or combined with a skull, dagger or cross. Hawaiian flower tattoo designs are also great tattoos for men. Regardless of the flower tattoo design of your choice, a flower tattoo always brings out the best in you.

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