The rose tattoo has an incredibly rich history and has a deep symbolism. In the 1500s, rose tattoos were inked to prisoners about to be executed. These days, the significance of a rose tattoo depends on who wears it. This tattoo is usually linked with beauty, romance and love and can represent the memory of a beloved departed.

The color of a rose tattoo has a big significance as well. Orange, for instance represents desire, white means purity, pink symbolizes friendship and red means love and passion. Once you have chosen a design, you have to decide an appropriate design. Although often seen as a feminine image, there are many masculine aspects to a rose tattoo. You can use tribal designs with bold edges and hard lines, roses intertwined with skulls, crosses, angels and koi fish can add a masculine touch to the rose tattoo.

A blossoming rose tattoo can express a different meaning than one in full bloom. Rose tattoos symbolize youth, virginity and perfect for those who associate themselves with growth. Rose tattoos hold various meanings that symbolize richness of the heart of an individual or love. A man can show his sensitive nature with a rose tattoo and a woman can reveal her enduring strength by coupling a rose design with the toughness of the thorns.

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