Tattooing is an amazing ancient form of self-expression and art. Sailors from the earliest age started to encounter indigenous people tattooing themselves for years. Thus, sailors also got themselves tattooed as a kind of souvenir, to show which places they have been. Most traditional sailor tattoos have their roots in the customs and histories of sailors. Other traditional sailor tattoos have their own origins and superstition.

Sailor tattoos are celebrations of success and milestones in life. For instance, a fouled anchor on the forearm means the sailor has crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Small blue stars on the hands symbolize trips around Cape Horn. Moreover, turtle tattoos mean that the sailor has sailed across the Equator. There are so many sailor tattoo designs you can choose from and each of them has their own meaning.

Nevertheless, today there are many people sporting sailor tattoos but are not aware of have no idea of their historical and cultural significance. Most of them just have these tattoos inked on their bodies because they love the design. When choosing sailor tattoos, it is important to know of their symbolism and history in order to create an impact on your life. Sailor tattoos have very deep symbolisms that should be made known to those who want to wear them.

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