From Angelina Jolie to David Beckham, it appears that tattoos are everywhere these days. Tattoos have indeed gone mainstream. In the last decade, more and more teenagers are getting bigger tattoos. A study revealed that almost 40 percent of young people from the ages 18 to 29 have tattoos and some of them have two to five tattoos inked on their bodies.

The tattoo laws for those under 18 differ from state to state. In most cases, they also very from city to city. Edward Hallowell, a child psychiatrist declared that parents of teenagers who want to have tattoos inked on their bodies should keep an open dialogue about it. Open and honest discussion with a teenager could go long way of helping him or her realize the permanent nature of a tattoo. Consider starting a conversation even before tattoos becomes a hot topic at home.

The main concerns that are associated with teenagers getting tattoos are problems that could occur if they will later regret their choice. Moreover, there is also a possibility that other people, which include possible employers, will treat a person with a tattoo differently. Tattoo artists caution that inked tattoo on still-developing bodies could turn to worst in time as the skin stretches.

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