Before you proceed on etching the name of your significant other on your skin, consider the seriousness of the action since tattoos are forever. A tattoo has more commitment than marriage since you can never divorce a tattoo. You can cover it, but it will remain there as a constant reminder and if you have it removed by surgery, the scars will remain.

Name tattoos are extremely popular even now. You can opt to have your own name inked or someone else’s name. Most of those who prefer name tattoos do it as a reverence to a particular person or as an expression of love for someone. Some of the most popular name tattoos include the name of a spouse, lover, relative or child. One of the most popular name tattoos is the heart tattoo with the word ‘Mom’ written over it. You can have these tattoos in large fonts or letter styles that proudly display the name or else a small and delicate script that appears more personal.

Name tattoos can be done in different calligraphy styles or written in different languages. Many people have names or relationships tattooed using Chinese characters or in Japanese kanji to express certain meanings. Some opt to have them in Arabic or Hebrew.

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