There are different tattoo rules all throughout the United States. Some states leave the regulation to the cities and counties, which make sit more confusing. There are two major reasons why there are tattoo laws. The firs reason is that the legislators who are not in favor of tattoos will use their influence to make them illegal or put tattoo restrictions. The second reason is for health concerns.

Most states stop at requiring tattoo artists to be licensed and tattoo parlors impose safety practices. Some locales have more strict rules regarding who can get a tattoo and what kind. In some areas, you could not get a tattoo if you are below eighteen years old, you can’t get a tattoo on specific body parts, like the face. Moreover, you could not get a tattoo if you are drunk, you could not get hateful images or words tattooed.

Some tattoo artists will ignore the state tattoo laws if you are acquainted. However, do not forget that the tattoo artist is putting his or her license at risk and there is a chance that he or she could be prosecuted for it. There are also some artists and shops that do not follow the laws.

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