Heart tattoos can symbolize thousands of things. In a religious sense, this tattoo design is often the symbol of the Sacred Heart. It means devotion to the Divine Heart of Jesus and the heart represents His love for mankind. Other meanings of heart tattoos can be compassion, true love and courage. These tattoo designs are often shown as representation of love loss, grief or a memorial to a deceased loved one.

Heart tattoo is probably the best way to show symbolism of love. Nevertheless, the heart tattoo is a symbol that possesses other meanings aside from love. Some people believed that the soul is located in the heart. There are many kinds of heart tattoos for different individuals. They are always nice to look at due to their rich color and shapely design.  There are many heart tattoo designs you can choose from.

The first choice would be the classic heart, which you have seen from hundreds of tattoos, often with a banner with the word ‘Mom’ or something similar to that. Next would be the Celtic heart, which is known to stand for union of souls. It is a basic heart designed with elaborate knots. Another option is the angel heart tattoo. This is a heat surrounded by wings which sometimes symbolize devotion or love to faith or symbolizes a love for a loved one who has passed and is considered to be an angel in heaven. That’s just some of the many heart tattoo designs you can choose from.

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