Polynesia is a group of thousand islands in the Pacific Ocean. Body art is very common and Polynesian tattoos have gained tremendous popularity through the years. It is better to understand the symbolism of Polynesian tattoos so that you can appreciate them more when inked on your body. There are two types of Polynesian tattoos, the Etua that has a strong spiritual and religious meaning. It also has magical symbols as protection from the Gods. The second type is the Enata, with natural designs. These describe a person’s identity, social status together with island of origin, history and occupation.

Most Polynesian tattoos symbolize honor, courage and protection. These tattoos are more elaborate and abstract in nature. The Sharks and Shark Teeth tattoo designs were considered powerful and sacred and symbolize protection. Shells have a lot of significance and denote prosperity. Turtles represent fertility and long life. The Tiki tattoo consists of statues and carvings of human figures. Polynesians believe that it is a mythical ancestor or humans. It is shown with closed eyes and believed to smell a problem before seeing it.

Before getting a Polynesian tattoo, it would be a good idea to search for their meanings so that they identify with your personality.

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