Tattoos are markings done through inserting an indelible ink into the dermis of the skin for aesthetic purposes. The beginnings of tattoos are interesting. A tattoo started with sailors on the Pacific Islands who inked their bodies with tattoos and this was introduced to the Europeans. Nevertheless, it is believed that it began 6,000 years ago in Egypt.

There are some scientists who claim that the skin markings found on the body of a mummified Iceman in 3300 BC indicate that tattoos are in existence during the time. In the Egyptian times, tattoos are not intended for body art by used on women’s legs to prevent the dangers of giving birth. It then spread in other parts of Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands through trade lines and travellers.

The first electric tattoos were invented by Thomas Edison in 1876. It was mean to be an electric engraver but in later years, it began the evolution of tattooing. Since than, tattoo machines became more advanced. From Edison’s invention, Samuel O’Reilly created the electric pen, which proved to be a great advancement to how tattoos were administered.  Today’s machine was patented by Charlie Wagner and was called a dual coil-reciprocating engraver that is especially designed for making tattoos. Today, tattoos are more and more popular and the advancement in other equipment and colors has made them a great piece of art.

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