Men and women naturally will choose different designs and images. Women prefer a more feminine touch and dainty design such as flowers, hearts or butterfly designs. Men on the other hand prefer a more powerful and masculine tattoo like snakes, birds and more. Furthermore, men prefer a big tattoo with lots of colors or something that represents the love for a girlfriend or wife. However, since relationships could end, many men are opting for symbols that remind them of something they enjoy like a hobby, career or car. Something that is special to them.When you go into a tattoo parlor today, you will be greeted right away with colorful and eye-catching designs. It can be very hard to choose a design on the spot unless you have already decided on one. Tattoos are becoming very popular these days and are now becoming the mainstream. Nowadays, from soccer mothers, senior citizens, business executives and professionals seem to want a tattoo inked on their bodies. Tattoos are now a fashionable and sexy expression of personality.

Whatever tattoo design you get to choose, do not forget that placement is also very important. Depending on what you prefer, you could have a tattoo inked somewhere in your body where everybody can see or be more discreet and have it inked in a private part in your body.

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