Men and tattoos have a long history. The origin of tattoos goes back to over 5000 years ago. If you are a guy who wants to get a tattoo but does not have an idea on the design don’t worry, there are hundreds of designs to choose from. Tattoo designs for men range from tribal symbols, zodiac signs, religious emblems and dragon designs. All you have to do is check out the design catalog of some tattoo parlors and choose the design that appeals to you the most of suits your taste.

One of the most popular designs for men are the Tribal Tattoos. They have been around for many years as they draw on the symbolism and designs of most ancient cultures. These days, men are taking the traditional tribal design and reworking them into beautiful modern spectacular designs. Tribal tattoos are great for men because they represent power and strength and make them a stand out. These designs can be done in various styles.

Japanese tattoos now are made with colorful ink styles with designs such as Koi, Kanji, Dragons and make very powerful and bold statements. They have a foreign feel that look great just about anywhere on the body. Sailor Tattoos have many old style designs. These styles are often very edgy with bright colors that make a wonderful choice for a new school tattoo style. Some styles include pin up girls, nautical stars and swallow tattoos. These are designs with a lot of history and rich symbolism behind them. Sailor tattoos never go out of style.

The ideal place for men’s’ tattoos include the upper arm, neck, forearm, chest, at the nape, shoulder blades, upper back, lower back, lower and upper calves and waist.

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