Before deciding on getting your body inked with tattoo, safety should be your first consideration. After you have considered this factor, you should also choose a tattoo that best fits your personality and your lifestyle. Tattoo is the in thing these days, so if you want one in your body, you should decide on this very carefully or regret it for the rest of your life.

Aside from choosing the appropriate tattoo design, you should also pick which part of your body you want it placed. Choose the area carefully. Keep in mind that the neck, face and hands are visible to everyone, thus, there is a tendency that people might have the wrong impression on your personality. Find out all details and information about tattoos before getting inked.  Tattoo designs differ from man to woman. There are literally hundreds of tattoo designs you can choose from.

The most common and often used designs include the nautical designs perfect for sailors, the heart design usually with the word Mom or Mother written across or the name of either a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Zodiac signs are also very popular tattoo designs that many people inked their bodies with. Others include flower designs, butterflies and a few animals. Remember, tattoos last forever, so make a careful decision, choose the body area wisely and of course choose a design that goes with your taste and personality!

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