Today, tattoos are no longer limited to bikers, soldiers and tough people. Women tattoos are getting more and more popular and can be seen on the bodies of full-time housewives and celebrities alike. One of the famous women who first had a tattoo was a famous Circus celebrity known as Betty Broadbent. She was one of the first women with a full body tattoo in the year 1927. Later on, she became a tattoo artist until her retirement in 1967.

The types of tattoos that women like vary greatly. One of the very popular tattoos reproduced again and again on women is a small heart tattoo that was first inked on the body of Janis Joplin. When she died in 1970, there more than a hundred copies of the popular design inked on women. Hearts are great tattoos for women and some opt to have a name inked across the heart design as a tribute or a memorial to a love done. Others simply love a heart tattoo on their bodies.

Flower tattoos are wonderful designs for women despite the fact that the first flower tattoos were first inked on men. Butterflies, fairies and other delicate tattoo designs are mainly tattooed on women. Others go as far as to have tattoos used by men on their bodies, like dragon tats, skulls, snakes, daggers and a lot more. You can find plenty of information and tattoo design about women’s tattoos on the internet. If you are planning on a female design, there are hundreds of tattoo designs you can choose from.

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