While tattoos are for a lifetime, there are non-permanent ones that are skin images that look like real tattoos. These temporary tattoos can be drawn, painted or airbrushed as a kind of body painting. Nonetheless, they are usually designs that are transferred to the skin. There are various kinds of non-permanent tats for different purposes like self-expression, identification and advertising. For example, actors who want to add the uniqueness of their characters could consider painting temporary tattoos on the skin b hand or using stencils as part of their costume.

If you like tattoos but does not have the courage to get inked, then non-permanent tattoos might just be the best choice for you. These tattoos come in different forms and often they are stick-on decal which is a very thin plastic layer that lasts for a few days to one week. Theatrical tattooing can also be done using special paint or makeup, these are non-water based do they do not run or smear when you sweat.

Since temporary tattoos are forms of skin art, people usually mistake a henna body painting as non-permanent tattooing. Nevertheless, henna causes a stain on the skin that soaks whereas temporary tats stay on the skin surface and does not last as long as henna does.

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