Until the 70s, tattoo wearing was predominantly practiced by men. Tattoos are particularly special among military people, prisoners and biker communities. A tattoo not just serves as male identity, but the process of having one contributes to male bonding. These days, tattoos are not only for men since many women now are sporting tattoos as a body art and a way of expressing themselves.

Nowadays, you can find tattoos for men and women. The days when you could only see them on bodies of men are long gone. Women are attracted to tattoos because they serve as an expression of their lifestyle and preference and body art. Tattoos are no longer considered as negative or ugly but are now seen as an art. Tattoos flatter both men and women. For example, flower designs add to a woman’s femininity. On the other hand, sailor designs add to a man’s masculinity.

In the past, tattoos receive the smallest acceptance. Today however, they are very popular anywhere in the world. People form all walks of life, men, women and children love them. For children, there are temporary tattoos kids can use that remain on the skin for a few days. They are safe and non-toxic.

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