Similar to flower tattoos, star tattoos have a connection in making statements to the people who have them. Most styles for star tattoos are dark lines or dark with fill-in color. There are many reasons why people opt for a star tattoo. Some use it to symbolize success and life achievement while others use it for religious meaning. Some people have star tattoos on their bodies to represent the passing way of a loved one and for some when a baby is born.

What is great about a star tattoo is that it could mean anything you want it to. One of the main attraction of a star tattoos is it small size, which could be applied faster and with less pain. It is a popular choice as a first tattoo. Moreover, star tattoos are more affordable than other tattoo designs because it is based on simple ideas and designs. A unique feature of the star tattoo is the number of points it has which could represent something important or significant.

Some of the more popular star tattoo designs include colorful unique star tattoos, nautical stars, Star of David and the growing trend these days is the shooting star. A shooting star tattoo is usually inked on the upper shoulder or on the leg.

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