Butterfly tattoos almost denote a feminine touch and very popular among women and girls. In nature, butterflies have short life spans but overwhelming beauty. It symbolizes a spirit that moves from one beautiful place to another. Butterfly tattoos are very popular because of its beauty and elegance.

According to a Vanishing Tattoo list in 2006, butterfly tattoo designs are extremely one of the most popular among women. You can never get bored gazing at a butterfly tattoo because of the graceful and gentle curves of the butterfly. The various designs allow people to choose a pattern and design that best expresses their own personality or life transformation.

There are many options when choosing a butterfly tattoo design and placement. Butterfly tattoos are available in both black and colored designs and both look great no matter what design you choose. There are also different sizes to choose from, depending on where you want it inked on your body. The best areas to place a butterfly tattoo includes a small one on the wrist or ankle, a slightly bigger one on the lower back or shoulder and various sizes on hidden body parts. Butterfly tattoo designs include butterflies in full open wings in full flight or slightly tucked wings as if emerging from the cocoon.

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