How much a tattoo artist makes depends on the area. On average, the artist may charge from $80 to $150. Some could charge up to $285 per hour. This may seem very costly, but the expenses of doing the art, getting your name out, shop cut and many more may average from $50 per hour. It is not certain how much the artist could really make but it is safe to assume that many tattoo artists do not need to look for a second job if they are really good.

The income an artist can make depends greatly on whether or not he or she owns the parlor and the area where his or her business is located. If the artist owns the tattoo parlor, he or she could make over $100,000 a year! If not, the tattoo artist could earn around $40,000 per year. This depends totally on the location.

It’s not such a good idea to open a tattoo shop or parlor in a small town. The best choice would be in a good-sized city for more customers. However, running a tattoo shop in a large city is more costly while running one in a smaller town is cheaper. Again, the answer to how much income does a tattoo artist makes varies wherever the location may be and how much the artist will charge for every tattoo. Some months the tattoo artist could make two thousand dollars and there are some months that the artist could earn only three hundred dollars, thus s greatly varies.

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