Dragons are popular mythological creatures. They come from various legends. There are two different dragons you commonly see, the Eastern and Western dragons. The eastern dragons are benevolent creatures that protect life, good fortune and fertility. The western dragons tend to be evil beings that guard treasures and destroy villages. As a tattoo, it is often represented as an Eastern dragon. They are normally seen in black and drawn in fire and flames.

Dragon tattoos are extremely popular to both men and women. Its meaning differ from person to person. The meaning of the dragon tattoo depends greatly on how one sees the mythical creature and the design that he or she chooses. In general, dragon tattoos symbolize strength, courage, wisdom, reason, force, raw power and protectors of sacred items. Mend associate with the dragon that is why they usually get dragon tattoos.

Women love dragon tattoos because for them they represent strength, creator and life protector. They see themselves as protectors of life in term so taking care of children. They see the dragon as a creator of life because they are the ones who give birth. For most, there are various meanings to a dragon tattoo and each dragon tattoo design represents something different.

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