One of the fascinations of tattoos is why many people want to have one tattooed on their bodies. Known to be only for criminals, slaves and camp inmates in the past, they are now very popular. Tattoo culture has dark and mysterious sides. Americans are long fascinated by tattoos.

During the 80s, a Tattoo and Body Art Society convention in New York attracted hundreds of tattoo lovers. Tattoos are chic and many people sporting them are fascinated by their mystery. Others consider them fun and a way of self expression. Tattoos look mysterious, sexy and intriguing. Most people around the world are intrigued by tattoos.

The attraction of tattoos greatly depends on the tattoo size and what it represents. Most men prefer tattoos on their upper arms and at the upper back which women consider very masculine. One of the most popular places of tattoos for women is on the lower stomach and the small of the back. Women have sexier tattoos because there is more variety of tattoos for women to choose from. Some tattoo designs add to their mystery. Check out online for mysterious and fascinating tattoo designs. Some of the fascinating tattoos include star, octopus, cross and lots more.

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