Tattoos are everywhere, from commercial TV ads, music videos and even in movies. Many would agree that the increased number of people sporting tattoos is due to the attempt to cover scars and a way of expressing themselves and for memorial reasons. Some say that tattoos are so popular due to peer pressure.

People have different motivations for having tattoos. In some instances, they are sporting tattoos to express freedom, demonstrate their belief, and show that they belong to a certain clan or group or pay homage to a loved one. According to some psychologists, tattoos very popular as an expression of art. The fashion of tattoos is widely accepted throughout the world. Gone are the days when tattoos are only for prisoners and criminals. Today, doctors, professionals and even women are sporting tattoos to symbolize their preference, lifestyle, art and self expression.

These days, even children are fascinated by tattoos. Unlike the belief of the past that people with tattoos are tough, harsh and cruel, today there are many people sporting tattoos that are good natured, kind and friendly. Over the years, people had changed their outlook on tattoos. In the past years, tattooed were viewed as something evil and negative, today it is widely considered an art form and a great way of expressing one’s self.

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